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“Jo-Anne brings a rare combination of instinct, wisdom and experience into her educational consulting. Her passion for underachieving students and belief that all children can succeed with support for the whole child resulted in her turning around a troubled urban elementary school when she was the Principal. As a consultant to her former school district, I observed her leadership capabilities in building a dynamic team of educators. She is a premier trainer, consultant and facilitator who knows how to work at every level of an organization to bring about lasting transformative change.”


Katie Gilfeather

President & CEO of Outlook EAP, Inc.


“Mrs. Jo-Anne Mello Hodgson, Executive Director of Master Urban Educators llc, has been instrumental in guiding and supporting the process of our school improvement over the course of the last year. Mrs. Hodgson and her staff began with a program review during which data was examined, interviews were held, all stakeholders were surveyed and class visits were executed. The feedback was amalgamated and presented with recommendations to the governing Board of Directors of our school to serve as a plan for school improvement leading to the formation of a professionalized iteration of our school under our new name, The Discovery Language Academy, a non-profit entity established to service the greater New Bedford Area and beyond. Since the opening of the new school, Mrs. Hodgson has been providing professional development for our teachers, and our instructional staff as we transition to a second language acquisition institution. Her professionalism, knowledge of pedagogy in instruction and second language acquisition as well as her ability to forge instructional design, has by far, shaped the success of our school. Our teachers and instructional staff value her wisdom, enthusiasm, her perception and her consideration while addressing the mission and needs of our students, our instructional staff and our school."

Leslie R. Vincente, M. Ed. Executive Director

Discovery Language Academy, New Bedford, MA



“I first met Ms. Hodgson… when she was working as the Principal of the Abraham Lincoln School. She was considered a high-ranking principal due to her years of experience, pedagogical knowledge and for the amount of professional development she delivered especially in the area of implementing school wide instructional focus for teaching all students. Ms. Hodgson is the founder of Master Urban Educators, llc, an Educational Consultant agency that provides ongoing professional development on research – evidence based best practices that promote teaching and learning, using methods and the tools of PIE© resources to implement appropriate curriculum, research-based strategies and technology. Jo-Anne and her team created and co-facilitated a two –month professional development workshop on Teacher Team training for teachers. The goal was to review a purpose and system logistics for a Purposeful Instructional Equity Model. Jo-Anne invited my staff to work with her team numerous times over a two-month period. She provided my team with several sessions of targeted professional development that focused on an instructional design that promoted strategies to authenticate learning and growth for all students. Jo-Anne and I, also, spent time discussing the district’s benchmark assessment system and analyzing data to further identify structures to improve our instructional practices. Ms. Hodgson was very conscientious and thoughtful about the pedagogical curricula decisions she made. She and her team created curriculum resources and an instructional framework for improving our student achievement. Jo-Anne helped me quickly acclimate to my new principal position! It has been a pleasure and an honor to work alongside Jo-Anne Hodgson. She is knowledgeable, hardworking, intelligent, caring and passionate about teaching and learning!"

Lynn Dessert, M.Ed. Principal        

Parker School, New Bedford



“No fluff or fillers. I appreciated learning from people who have actually spent time in a classroom and therefore they offered valuable, useful information. I treasure this learning experience; it was a day well spent.”

Elizabeth Correia         

Durfee High School, Fall River



“The consultants of MUE understand the expectations placed upon classroom teachers that go well beyond daily lessons. They understand what it means to be a classroom teacher in today’s world. The MUE team offer their help and support by sharing their vast years of experience with classroom teachers.”


Kristen Roussel & Gail St. Pierre

Grade One Teachers
Fall River



"As any in-service teacher can attest, sometimes the spirit and high-mindedness of best instructional practice can get lost among the din of managing a classroom full of children. All teachers want the best for their students and most will go to the ends of the earth to give them the instruction they deserve, but that path is not well-lit. That’s what makes Jo-Anne Hodgson and her team so unique, and so invaluable to teachers at all development stages. Their thorough understanding of what best practice looks like in action, as well as their combined experience with high-needs students, lets them support teachers as they work to combine the two.

As a past mentee of Jo-Anne Hodgson and Lynne Poulos, I learned to understand that in order to guide my students towards high levels of achievement, my classroom would have to exist in the overlapping space between thoughtful, research-based instructional practices and pragmatic, respectful classroom management. Jo-Anne and her team lit a new path for me and taught me how to structure my classroom and my instruction in a way that made best practice seem accessible and meaningful. My time with them was transformative and every student under my care since working with them has received better, more rigorous instruction, thanks to the habits of mind they helped me build. In a noisy, constantly-shifting field, their voices are strong and steady, and they helped me to find my own “teacher voice”. For that I will always be grateful."


Sara Jacobsen







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