The teacher is the front line professional who can deeply impact a student’s future. No position is more critical. Teachers need to be well developed at every stage in their careers. They need support and guidance for maximum effectiveness within the walls of their classrooms. Of tantamount importance are the systems at the general school and district levels to support teacher efficacy. Teachers need to access those systems. They need to be taught how to assess, reflect on data points and collaborate with colleagues to plan effectively in the long and short term to achieve student success. They need to align all practices instructional and interpersonal in order to support their students in becoming “college and career ready."


Instructional Efficacy

Curriculum, Planning & Assessment

Using Data to Drive Instruction

Modeling/Supporting the Effective Use of Common Planning Time

Differentiated Instruction

Building Teacher Teams

Classroom Management

Progressive & Age Appropriate Discipline

Common Core & Instruction in Today’s Classroom

Embedding Technology in Instruction & Student Work

Student Engagement

“Depth of Knowledge” as a Basis for Developing Critical Thinking

Developing Cultural & Demographic Competency

Understanding the Whole Child and Its Classroom Implications

Social Emotional Learning

Dealing with Parents

Strengthening the Home-School Connection

Aligning All Classroom Practices

Student Intervention- RTI

SPED & ELL Inclusive Practices

Implications of Poverty on Learning

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