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Below are a number of Useful Teacher Resources:




            This is a link to the Standards for Teachers as they strive to enrich their professional practice in the area of technology as an instructional tool. It is generated by the International Society for Technology in Education. Great resource.



           This is the companion link to the one referenced above. It is geared to the expectations for students in the development of digital literacy. It was also, generated by he International Society for Technology in Education. Great resource.


        Founded by the George Lucas Educational Foundation. This site offers core strategies, popular topics in all grade levels. It includes well executed videos on a plethora of topical  educational issues.



       This site supports the use of technology in instruction. It is includes a Teaching Dictionary, App Directory & ideas for the use of social media in instruction.



        This site was created in 2010 and is a popular destination for all things
involving teaching and learning. It supports the use of technology as a tool
to reach all students.



This site is dedicated to giving teachers a vast number of tools and strategies to teach reading to every student. It is extremely valuable for those teachers zeroing in on the needs of those few that are not responding to the basic Tier I instruction.



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