Principals have a seminal role in furthering the goals of the organization. They run a microcosm of the district. Having their buy-in and commitment to the culture and goals of the district is absolutely crucial. Course work alone does not develop leadership. The changing nature of urban education puts unprecedented pressure on principals to respond to high stakes testing, to be an instructional leader, protect children in and out of school, understand the demographics and needs of every child to ensure their success and the list goes on and on. We support, develop and mentor principals on an individual or group basis.



Assessment & Development of Leadership Capacity

School Team Building

School Resource Assessment

Understanding Demographics & Implications for Operations

Allocation/Acquisition of Resources to Support School Goals

Maximizing Human Resources in Your School

Analysis of Data

Use of Data to Drive Instruction

School Culture

Achieving Teacher Buy-in


Instructional Efficacy

Using Clinical Supervision as a Tool to Improve Instruction

Dealing with Difficult Staff

Having Difficult Conversations with Teachers to Improve Instruction

Understanding the Whole Child & Implications for Student Success in an Urban Setting

Focused School Programming

After School Programs to Support Instruction

Behavior Management

Evaluation of School Instructional Model

Alignment of all Programming to Support Goals

Supporting all Students

Lessening the Impact of Student Mobility

Conducting Productive Interviews

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