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We are an experienced team of professional educators who are passionate about sharing what we have learned in creating a comprehensive culture of learning that achieves and sustains positive student outcomes. We do this by building capacity in your staff with whom we partner to invest in achieving the desired result of success for every student.
At Master Urban Educators, we recognize that every district, every school and every classroom has a distinctive set of needs, requirements, constraints and all manner of resources that must be figured into the formulation of their goals. This work cannot effectively be done with a “cookie cutter” template. It must be tailored accordingly and be responsive to the specific needs of the district, school or classroom.
Our team of specialists are tested and well versed in supporting organizational change. Our consultant team stimulates shifts in philosophy and practice by listening to your concerns, examining the data, gathering stakeholder feedback and working with you to analyze the root causes of the challenges. This analysis informs the design of a solution based action plan that is grounded in research and best practice. We work with you to implement the plan and to build a critical mass of individuals in your organization, lending the support necessary to create new paradigms. As we broaden the base of buy-in, we build capacity in your team and support their work. We measure, assess, and refine the strategies to achieve our mutually desired goals.
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  Benefits of Working with Master Urban Educators
Our Approach: 


  • drills down & identifies the actual causes of organizational challenges 
  • addresses impediments to the comprehensive culture of learning 
  • supports creative solution building 
  • builds capacity at all levels of the organization
  • develops a critical mass of committed stakeholders at all levels of the organization
  • increases staff engagement
  • ensures practices are aligned with stated organizational mission & priorities
  • supports effective instructional change
  • improves communication among stakeholders
  • increases student engagement
  • supports effective conflict resolution
  • improves stakeholder relationship building
  • supports a growth mindset for the optimum development of adults & students



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